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Our most popular option. Comprehensive optimization and adjustment of all five contact points (seven for tri), saddle, feet/pedals and bars/hoods. Key upgrades over the GOOD fit are assessment and optimization of cleat pedal interface, crank length, saddle optimization, spin scan analysis for pedaling balance and technique. This fit also includes the setup for up a client’s existing bike.

(2 hours)
$ 275.00


The best fit money can buy. Optimize everything. Ideal for custom builds and those who won’t settle for anything but the best. Key upgrades from the BETTER fit include custom molded insoles ($135 value), cleat float optimization, unlimited saddle trials, bar shape and hood optimization, basic power test for gear ratio selection. ONLY $125 WITH BIKE PURCHASE

(3 hours)
$ 450.00

Fit Follow-up

Complementary fit follow-up for clients who have previously completed a Moment Bicycles dynamic bike fit.

(1 hour)